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Applications Submitted by State

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Request for Applications

States Application Details
ID Project Title
1147476x Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement on Lake Huron LAMP Priorities
Total Requested Funding: $99,966
11474383 Calumet Invasive Species Conservation Corps
11474002 Addressing Ceremonial Animal Release as an AIS Pathway
11474409 Automated methods for estimating nutrient mass budgets
11474528 Furthering Capacity to Maintain High Quality Coastal Wetlands in Northern Michigan
11474464 IISG AIS Outreach: Media Campaign
11474573 Lake Michigan Forum and Watershed Academy Implementation
Total Requested Funding: $2,022,792
11474120 A Climate-Smart Invasive Species Toolkit for Restorations
11474724 Efficacy of Electrical Barriers for Aquatic Invasive Species Control
11474289 Invasive Species prevention and control using the round goby as a focal species
Total Requested Funding: $1,296,097
11474198 Preventing Invasive Species Spread Through Law Harmonization
Total Requested Funding: $246,007
11473519 Anchor Bay/St. Clair Flats Phragmites Control and Education Phase II
11474217 Arresting the Spread of Eurasian Watermilfoil in Lake Superior
11474204 Automated Satellite-linked Underwater Microscopy + eDNA (ASUME) system for early detection of aquatic microbial invasive species in low abundances
11474760 Central UP (MI) Invasive Plant Prevention and Control
11474052 Effectiveness and Impacts of Mowing as Phragmites Management
11474272 Effects of PCBs in fish from the Kalamazoo River fed to mink
11474226 Eurasian watermilfoil Comprehensive Control Program
11473353 Facilitation and Implementation of Lake Superior LaMP Forum
11474750 Higgins Lake Invasive Species Prevention and Control: Eurasian Water Milfoil
11474261 Implementing Michigan's Invasive Plant EDRR Program
11474279 Implementing Trap-based Control of Sea Lamprey in the Great Lakes
11474197 Integrated plan to lower toxics exposure from eating Torch Lake fish
11474319 Integrating MDCH ‘Eat Safe Fish’ into Public Health Systems
11473192 Invasive Species Control and Wetland Restoration at BraddockBay FWMA
11474705 Invasive Species Prevention and Control on Belle Isle - Detroit River
11474607 Joint Saginaw Bay Watershed Invasive Species Control Initiative
11474250 Keweenaw Stamp Sands Ecosystem Restoration Project
11474343 Lake Huron Lakewide Management Plan Public Input Facilitation
11472363 New technology and public outreach for expanding eDNA surveillance
11474313 Northeast Michigan Invasive Species Control and Prevention Program
11474707 Phragmites Prevention and Control Coalition of Michigan's UP
11474047 Preventing Spread of Invaders by Volunteer-based Genetic Monitoring
11474081 Showcasing Progress Against Great Lakes Aquatic Invasions
11473195 Stop the Invaders!
11474088 Tools to Promote "Great Lakes Safe" Organisms in Trade
Total Requested Funding: $9,614,981
11474499 Collaborative Outreach for AIS Pathway Prevention
11473728 Great Lakes Health Collaboration to Reduce Toxics Exposures
Total Requested Funding: $1,499,587
11473268 Choosing Fish Meals from Akwasasne and St. Lawrence Waters
11472565 Eastern Lake Ontario Headwaters Watercraft Inspector Program
11474412 Educating Changing Communities in Eating Great Lakes Fish
11473398 Lake Ontario LAMP Outreach
11474107 Mountain View Lakes Foundation Inc. Milfoil Eradication Project
11474415 NYS Parks Boat Stewards: Great Lakes, Niagara & St. Lawrence Rivers
11474130 Reducing Exposure to Toxics in Urban Anglers
11474265 Seneca Nation's Great Lakes Restoration Initiative - Invasive Species Management and Control Program
Total Requested Funding: $3,313,662
11474302 Assessing Nutrient / Eutrophication Dynamics in Western Lake Erie
11474375 Hydrilla Eradication & Prevention in the Lake Erie Drainage
11474514 Invasive Invertebrate Species Prevention, Detection, and Control: A New Next Generation Sequencing Assay
11474653 Invasive Vegetation Control in the Lower Black River Area of Concern Phase II
11474452 Leveraging and Targeting Forum Assets to Reach Restoration Goals
11474028 Predicting Lake Erie HABs from Satellite Data and Models
Total Requested Funding: $2,484,460
11474610 Invasive Plant Control, Conneaut Creek Watershed
11474123 Invasive Species Detection/Control in Lake Erie Tributaries
Total Requested Funding: $996,502
11474405 Controlling round goby impacts and spread using electricity
11473680 Invasive Plant Control, Grand River Watershed, Phase II
Total Requested Funding: $953,081
11474419 Adaptive Management Pilot Project - Silver Creek
11472608 Detection and Control of Dormant Invasive Species in Ballast Water
11473604 Invasive Species Prevention - Decontamination station and Organisms in Trade.
11474611 Lake Michigan Invasive Wetland Plant Initiative – Wisconsin
11473657 Lake Superior Binational Forum Facilitation: Advancing the Vision
11474322 Prevention and Control of Invasive Plant Species at Coastal Beaches and Estuaries in Wisconsin
11474023 Wisconsin's Assessment of Healthy Consumption of Great Lakes Fish
Total Requested Funding: $3,143,755